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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Quernus My Beagle?!? Wee Lily:)

After having a long look around Folksy I stumbled upon a shop called Quernus Crafts. The Shop was full of lovely little creatures made out of polymer clay. These absolutely gorgeous characters really captured me I loved them I could have bought them all but then............a light bulb went on above my head .......... ' what if I could get this marvellous crafts person to recreate my beagle Lily
So I got in touch and got talking to a lovely lady named Kirsten Miller so so helpful and obviously loves making these sweet little creatures. She said that most of the orders she gets are for customised pieces and that she would be happy to make a 'Wee Lily' So I just email a couple of pics of my crazy little beagle (one from the front, back and from each side) and yesterday morning my Wee Lily had arrived.
She was lovely, so identical on to my Big Lily (even tho she is only tiny, but obviously a lot bigger than Wee Lily) I've took a couple of pics of Wee Lily and My Big Lily so you can see the likeness . I think Big Lily liked Wee Lily. So I was over the moon with my Wee Lily and then my curse of being a clumsy oaf raised its ugly head again and when moving my camera from one side of Wee Lily to the other I managed to knock my lovely Lily onto the very hard floor and broke her ear off :(
I was devastated I got back in touch with Kirsten and she said It would be no problem to make my now one ear-ed beagle better again so off to the post office I go.

If unlike me your not a clumsy oaf then I seriously recommend you take a look around Kristen's site http://www.quernuscrafts.co.uk/ or www.folksy.com/shops/quernuscrafts

Big Big Thank you goes to Kirsten your creations are legendary xxxx


  1. Great blog! I enjoyed reading it

  2. Thanks so much, Lucy - it's lovely to see Wee Lily and Big Lily nose to nose! And you're right - I just love making up these wee models! Thanks again - I'll be writing about Wee Lily in the next week or so!

    Kirsten xx

  3. That 2nd pic of the dogs nose to nose is brill!

  4. they are both beautiful, and I agree, brilliant photos!
    pam x

  5. Oh thanks Folks xxxx
    I do love them both soooo much! I'm sure in the future there will be many pic of my little pooch on here with one story or another cos she is a crazy little pup that thinks she is human :)............although that may have something to do with the fact that I treat her like one heehee
    Thanks again for the lovely comments xxxx

  6. Hi I've nominated you for a sunshine award, link to my blog for details. The original post is about 3 back fromtoday so i hope you can find it! Ley

  7. Lily seems very impressed with Wee Lilly - I love Quernus Crafts, so many cute little animals. Elaine