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I make Handmade soap using the traditional Cold and Hot process method. Traditionally made soap is rich in glycerine which is produced naturally during the soap making process. This is one of the reasons why handmade soap is so much more luxurious to use, I only use natural ingredients and pure essential oils. There are no chemicals or synthetics used in my soaps. All of the packaging for my products are fairly traded, eco friendly and bio-degradable. Be warned - once you have used a bar of handmade soap, it is difficult to be satisfied using anything else on your beautiful skin!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Products!! :)

I have created a few new products which I will be adding on here for you to take a gander at or alternatively you can pop to my shop and and take a look around there!

I have started to make Bath bombs, Those lovely balls of fizz and fragrances!! Again I am only using natural ingredients. So they NEVER include chemicals, Parbens, SLS or synthetic ingredients!

I have 3 scents so far but this will be a growing number as I have many different scents and textures that I am itching to create :)

The scents so far are:

Lavender Essential oil with Lavender Buds - Very relaxing and Soothing

Rose Essential oil with Rose Petals - Sooo Romantic and Uplifting

Tea Tree Essential oil with Calendula Petals and Nettles - Stimulating and Healing
So simply to use just pop into your warm bath. This allows the bomb to fizz, perfume and soften your water and gently fragrance your skin. Lovely :)

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