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I make Handmade soap using the traditional Cold and Hot process method. Traditionally made soap is rich in glycerine which is produced naturally during the soap making process. This is one of the reasons why handmade soap is so much more luxurious to use, I only use natural ingredients and pure essential oils. There are no chemicals or synthetics used in my soaps. All of the packaging for my products are fairly traded, eco friendly and bio-degradable. Be warned - once you have used a bar of handmade soap, it is difficult to be satisfied using anything else on your beautiful skin!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tutbury Castle :(

Sorry it has taken so long to get my review up about Tutbury craft fair. Well overall it was a complete waste of time and a very big hit on the pocket. It was meant to be a weekend event and should have had 5000 - 7000 people through the door throughout the weekend. However we were in a very large cold windy tent in the middle of a wet field a million miles away from the action going on in the castle grounds and if we had 250 people wander around that was the maximum.

My other half and I decided to pull the plug after the Sunday as it is a fair few miles from where we live and it was far to cold and empty to get the muster up to get out of bed at 6am the Monday morning. I have spoke to a few of the traders that decided to stick it out and Monday seems to have been even worse than the Sunday so we were glad we made the decision to stay nice and tucked up in bed. I did however showcase new items again on the Sunday mainly consisting of new scented Cocoa Cubes, Bath Bombs and Gift boxes of Bath Melts. I will be putting photos of these on here in the coming week hopefully.

As for Craft fairs, I have decided to take a break from them for the next couple of months and concentrate on pushing my products to shops and hotels.

It will be nice having Saturdays and sundays to myself again :)

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  1. It's so frustrating to be at a poorly attended craft fair, I now only exhibit as part of a craft guild where the load of stewarding is shared, it's much more rewarding!